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As Anonymous Mathematician and gawdzilla as of now stated, everything relies upon the arrangement and assentions set up by the distributer. You ought to ask the distributer. That is all.

Presently, I need to include some additional data about the choices we need to share our examination without breaking any distributing understanding or guideline. Ordinarily, there are a few renditions of a paper till it gets at long last distributed:

  • The editorial manager form: This is the last form of the paper, as it is distributed in the diary, with all the copyright stuff, etc. It is the last PDF, let us state, the one you typically keep as a record of your examination.
  • The creator form: This typically alludes to an acknowledged rendition of the original copy. The form is at long last qualified by the analysts and acknowledged to distribute by the editorial manager. It is only your original copy, simply crude content (and tables and figures, etc), not more often than not organized with the last diary style. Here and there it is likewise called a postprint variant.
  • A preprint adaptation: It is likewise a kind of creator form, however it more often than not alludes to the submitted original copy form before the commentators carry out their responsibility. It is the first (submitted) adaptation of your original copy.

Along these lines, truth be told, I’ve recorded them in a kind of switch sequential request. Presently, on the off chance that you need to make your exploration as noticeable and open as conceivable in ResearchGate (or other logical interpersonal organizations, for example,, and so on.), which potential outcomes do you have? Give us a chance to see:

You can transfer the last (editorial manager) adaptation of your paper, as long as the distributer enables you to do that, yet I don’t think this happens regularly. [Actually, there are a few diaries that pursue an open-get to strategy, implying that the creators keep the copyright of their work. In any case, you need to pursue and adhere to the last distributing understanding and check whether you are permitted to convey your paper without anyone else, etc.

If not, you do have different alternatives:

You can transfer the creator rendition. You ought to likewise check with the distributer on the off chance that you are permitted to do as such. In some cases there is a ban or vesting period and, after that period, you are permitted to distribute or appropriate the creator variant of your paper individually.


You can transfer the preprint form. Distributers ordinarily enable creators to distribute or disseminate preprints of their compositions, typically as specialized reports. Anyway, you ought to ask the distributer, in the event that something goes wrong.

On the off chance that nothing unless there are other options alternatives apply, you generally have the choice of including this content toward the finish of the ‘unique’ field in the ResearchGate record for your paper:

Presently, I need to include some pragmatic models from my own involvement. Expectation it makes a difference.