ResearchGate App

ResearchGate App is an important tool for connecting scientists & researchers. The ResearchGate of the shortcut name is RG. The effective way of expanding the network by using the smartphone to exporting the RG as App. To Discover the scientific knowledge and connect with your look closely from anywhere with the ResearchGate app.

Research gate app

                               Research gate app

The latest research in your field work and we can choose what you want to read later. Connect with your friends and we can send a message directly from your mobile. Keep up with your stats, including reads, counsel, and passage of your work. See your notifications  Respond for the messages request. Get more updates sent we can see the notifications directly push to your mobile. In this ResearchGate app very useful for the doubt clarifications.

How to Use ResearchGate App:

  • First Discover the interesting Research peoples in your field and from your network.
  • Connecting with peoples in your field and message them directly in your smartphone.
  • In this first Add your research to your profile updated after that discoverable by other researchers.
  • To share updates your own profile Add your current project to your profile to what you are working on to get the feedback.
  • From your network and to Access the publications and other work in your field.
  • To Ask research-related questions and to get answers from your expectations.
  • Answering questions to Share your knowledge and expertise of your mind.
  • We can find out who is been reading and citing it, to Get stats on your work.
  • Wants to be a social media hub scientists follow others or their papers if any doubt we can discussions to the researchers.
  • Response to the message request Keep track of your notifications.
  • Stay up to date with your latest stats including reads, counsel, and passage of your work.
  • Get relevant updates of the information or message sent directly to your mobile phone.